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Applications in the industry

We have already completed several projects for the LED lighting industry-related industries.

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The main advantage of our installations LED is possible to achieve up to 90% saving energy.

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Manufacturer of LED lighting luminaires


LedikoPRO PRO is a brand of LEDIKO , which delivers innovative lighting solutions made with LED diodes. It is known in countries such as Poland, England, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Canada and Kazakhstan. LedikoPRO includes a series of LED luminaires, for use in professional applications: industrial luminaires and LED street luminaires.

Compared to conventional solutions of light sources LedikoPRO significantly reduce operating costs and minimize adverse effects on the environment. Products of LedikoPRo are characterized by far unattainable functionality and optimization of the characteristics of light in terms of getting more efficient lighting, greater user comfort and greater efficiency of installation.





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